Rare sacred Pearls

It is believed these Pearls create Miracles

Can be owned only by exclusive blessed one

Sri Garuda Puranam - "Pearls found in the stems of bamboos... are devoid of lustre, though possessed of other auspicious virtues. A pearl obtained from inside the hollow stem of a bamboo resembles a hailstone in color, and is found only in bamboo that grows in the land of the honest and the pious, and not in every type of that grass. "

Mahopanishad from the Sama-Veda VI-15(b)-16 - "Magnanimous one! Flawless cognitions swiftly fly to him who finds himself in his last birth, just as pure pearls lodge themselves in the best bamboo."

Cross-references noted within Varahamihira:
"A pearl is to be known to have sprung from bamboo if it resembles camphor or crystal and is flat and uneven (or rough)."

Rare Pearl

Only one stone may be available out of 100000 bamboos. It is not possible to destroy all other bamboo in searching for Pearl and is only identified by spiritual practice/ sadana by special gifted human beings

Chinese keep bamboo at home as they consider them as symbol of wealth. Hindus use Flute as divine and is made of bamboo.

Tantra and Mantra connection:

Genuine Stones are very rare and once obtained it has to be activated by using appropriate Tantrik method and Mantra by the owner.

We are having couple of pearls currently subject to availability in the future. Every stone accompanies the appropriate Mantra and the correct Devatha(Deity) is revealed


Grouped together with several other Pearls aggregately... "they are considered extremely valuable andbestow sons, wealth, popularity, renown, and destroy disease, grief, while bestowing objects of desire upon kings and noble" Other qualities expected are Luck, love, longevity, spiritual centeredness, happy family relations, straightforwardness, sincerity, peacefulness, resilience, the ability to bend with difficulty rather than be broken by it, altruism, strength, tenacity, artistic inspiration, and rapid personal growth, Improves business and social life; wards-off negative energies.

Who should own the pearl:

Celebrities, VIPs. Famous People, Politicians, Business People

How to purchase:

Currently We are having couple of pearls subject to availability in the future. Every stone accompanies the appropriate Mantra-Sound Vibration to invoke the power and the correct Deity in-charge (Devatha) is revealed

It is not easy to get the pearl. :There is no guarantee that you will get the pearl just because you sent an enquiry If the pearl is willing to choose you as the new owner then only it will reach you.Please do not send any money with your enquiry.

If you are interested to purchase Venu Mani, please let us know. We will give you further details. Send your enquiry by mentioning your Name,Date of Birth, Telephone number and your address and Email to: brainway@singnet.com.sg


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