Use Special Talisman-Yantra For Prevention of Car and Motor Bikes Accidents

YANTRAS PROTECTS YOU WHILE INSURANCE COMPENSATE YOU Both are different and for different purposes

The vehicles are essential part of our life. But we are disturbing the nature's harmony and energy vibrations by using the vehicles and the speed of the vehicle creates disharmony at etheric atmosphere and dense concentrated negative energy accumulates and hovering over the affected areas. These are the spots, accidents waiting to happen. Certain places automatically cleared of the negative energy in short time. But some of the spots are deadly

When there is concentrated energy confusion, at any one spot, that particular spot is vulnerable for accidents. One can notice accidents happen at certain spots again and again.

Highways are more susceptible as the speed of the vehicles is very high over there part from sound and other atmospheric pollutions .

Here is alarming statistics

Car accident statistics indicate that at least four people involved in car accidents die every hour in USA

According to a Traffic Report by the WHO, roadaccidents kill more than 1.2 million people annually, and around fifty million people get injured or disabled

There are two major reasons for Accidents on the roads

  1. Accident due to Energy confusion - The unexpected accidents without the fault on the part of the Driver
  2. Accident due to Attention deficit - When the driver is not paying enough attention to the details of road condition, road traffic, signals etc., or due to talking to co-passengers, Drunken driving, lack of concentration etc

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