How to Improve your Vision

Have you noticed that you rarely see any advice on protecting your eye health?

It's not because we're not concerned about our eyes. Loss of eyesight as one of the top four "worst things that could happen" — right up there with cancer, Alzheimer's and HIV/AIDS, according to a recent national public opinion poll.

Human beings definitely fear losing our vision — and as many as 21 million of us suffer from partial to total vision loss. Worse even, is that many of these cases are easily preventable.


As you age, your eyes are especially vulnerable to damage that reduces your ability to see.

Research at Cornell shows that the beverage contains chlorogenic acid, a powerful antioxidant that protects the retina in the eye.

According to the Cornell scientists, coffee consists of 7 percent to 9 percent chlorogenic acid, a natural chemical that may keep your eyesight from deteriorating and prevent blindness from retinal damage, glaucoma, diabetes, and aging.

The retina is on the back wall of the eye. It contains millions of cells that receive light and transfers the information to nerve cells. The retina is very metabolically active and consumes plenty of oxygen. That makes it highly vulnerable to oxidative stress.


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