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We bring you the essence of last 50 years of research on the Brainwaves to your advantage in the form of SOUND WAVES CD Every Aspect of our life creates a pattern of Brainwaves and a tone at a specific frequency uniformly. By triggering such Brainwaves at proper frequency, that particular positive aspect of our life can be stimulated. If our thoughts coupled with Visualization are embedded during such stimulation, it brings positive changes in our life

When you use Brainwaves Technology, in the form of Brainwaves CD or Brainwaves MP3, for stimulation of brainwaves at a particular desired frequency, it helps in Health, Self Development. Especially when brinwave CD contains relevent Hypnotic messages it tunes in with Alpha Waves, Theta Waves and Delta waves at subliminal level Self Improvement process takes place faster. Instant meditation is attained with Brainwave Meditation MP3 recordings

Absolutely No Seminars
Absolutely No Workshop
Absolutely No Pills
Absolutely no reading of self-help books

How Does it Work

We scientifically created using various latest techniques, appropriate Sound waves with hidden Hypnotic or subliminal messages in Compact Disc, covering many hundreds of titles. When you listen to these tapes the sound waves enter though your ear and the mechanism in your ear converts them as electronic pulses and brain pick up these electronic signals at the directed frequency and brain feeds similar signals to your organs and cells. As your body and mind are depending upon these strong signals from brain for their entire function, they act on them and better changes are brought into your life.

Our Subliminal CDs with brainwaves have the power and ability to shape your entire Life by changing your thought patterns at deepest possible level


  • Develop a total Genius mindset
  • De-Stress yourself and relax
  • Astound yourself with inner Creativity
  • Get into "Peak performance"Zone on demand
  • Loose weight quicker than before
  • Enjoy Perfect Skin and Body
  • Reverse your Age by releasing HGH
  • Get Healed of your Migraine, Depression, Asthma, Diabetes etc
  • Improve your Sexual Life
  • Attract Wealth
  • Be Successful in Stock Market
  • Enhance Business Prospects
  • Succeed in Sales & Marketing
  • Improve your IQ, Memory Power, Concentration and Study Habits
  • Enhance Standard of Children Education/Overcome Exam Fear
  • Increasing Office Productivity / Improve Harmony among Colleagues
  • Improving Relationship with Husband/Wife
We have just mentioned a few only. We have hundreds of possibility, including Customization for your specific needs

How Does it work

EEG and the brain's state

EEG (Electroencephalography) technology is used to measure brain's electrical vibrations from the surface of the scalp. The resulting EEG pattern will contain frequency elements mainly below 30Hz. The frequencies are categorized into four states as follows

State Frequency range State of mind
Delta 0.5Hz - 4Hz Deep sleep
Theta 4Hz - 8Hz Drowsiness (also first stage of sleep)
Alpha 8Hz - 14Hz Relaxed but alert
Beta 14Hz - 30Hz Highly alert and focused

The dominant frequency in the EEG pattern determines what shall be called the current state of the brain. If the amplitude of the alpha range frequencies is highest, then the brain is said to be in the alpha stage. Note, that other frequencies still exist and it is impossible to give any "exact frequency your brain is operating on". However, later references to the brain states use the simplification of assuming that such a single frequency exists.

Entraining the brain to a desired state

If external stimulus is applied to the brain, it becomes possible to entrain the brain frequency from one stage to another. For example, if a person is in beta stage (highly alert) and a stimulus of 10Hz is applied to his/her brain for some time, the brain frequency is likely to change towards the applied stimulus. The effect will be relaxing to the person. This phenomenon is also called frequency following response

Stimulating the brain with binaural beat frequencies

The easiest way of applying stimulus to the brain is via ears. However, humans cannot hear sounds low enough to be useful for brain stimulation, so special techniques must be used. If the left ear is presented with a steady tone of 500Hz and the right ear a steady tone of 510Hz, these two tones combine in the brain. The difference, 10Hz, is perceived by the brain and is a very effective stimulus for brainwave entrainment. This 10Hz is formed entirely by the brain.

Brainwave CD

Brainwave entrainment CDs based on binaural beat frequency research. Use of these tapes results in brain wave entrainment and can induce altered states of consciousness. Some have called it instant meditation. Unlike mind altering drugs (Cigarettes, Alcohol etc) which people use to achieve altered states, binaural beat brainwave entrainment technology is legal and non-toxic.

This new technology, is based on binaural beat frequencies and their effect on the sub cortical auditory system of the brain. After five minutes, the resonant entrainment effect has induced vast areas of the brain to resonate at the same frequency. The result is a dominant brain wave pattern at the desired frequency.

Various Uses Of Audio With Embedded Binaural Beats

Uses of audio with embedded binaural beats that are mixed with music or various pink or background sound are diverse. They range from

Relaxation - Meditation - Stress reduction - Pain management - Improved sleep quality- Decrease in sleep requirements - Super learning - Enhanced Creativity and intuition - Remote viewing - Telepathy - out-of-body experience and lucid dreaming

The possiblity of,higher levels of mind (intuition, insight, creativity, imagination, understanding, thought, reasoning, intent, decision, knowing, will etc can be achieved. All the regular meditators vouch that they achieve the above state of higher mind to varied degrees.

Resetting Your Brains Sodium/Potassium Ratio In Theta

Your brain cells reset their sodium & potassium ratios when the brain is in Theta state.

  • Recent research finds people that suffer from anxiety attack insomnia etc. have some sections of their brains operating much slower (lower frequency than the rest of the brain), their brains are operating out of sync. In theory since binaural beat audio technology helps to unify different parts of the brain into a single frequency "brainwave synchronization", then our tapes may help with conditions caused by unsynchronized areas of the brain.

  • Many people find they need less sleep at night. Some have found that a half hour a day of the brain being in the theta state can replace up to 4 hours of sleep. This may relate to the resetting of the sodium/potassium levels in brain cells when in the theta state .

  • In one study thirty patients had sessions in Theta (5 Hz) and experienced relaxation states of 80-100% after five minutes as well as improved pain relief. Eight patients had blood tests before and after the sessions and showed improved beta-endorphin levels of 10-50%.

  • An unusual side benefit of listening to these sounds is a surprising need for less sleep.

  • When you finish each session your entire body becomes charged with a new energy and vitality. Fears and anxieties are gone. You are renewed, more alert, and mentally you feel on top of the world. What causes the euphoria and peak experiences? The neuroscientists say the 'high' you experience is caused by a release of endorphins in the brain. A hundred times more powerful than morphine it makes you feel like you're soaring with eagles.

  • Improving immune system, enhancing creativity, and triggering integrative experiences leading to feelings of psychological well-being."

  • Research now confirms that brainwave rhythms correspond to certain states of consciousness, and this suggests that individuals capable of altering their brainwave patterns can have significant control over other mental and physiological functioning.

Self Hypnotism

If you add Hypnotic words as required by you, to the altered state of consciousness created by Brainwaves, it results in astronishing benefits.

This is actually de-hypnotising process. In everyday life we accumulate many negative words from News Paper, Television, Collegues etc. All those are embedded in our sub-conscious mind. By Listening to the Hypnotic words, coupled with brainwaves, it directly enters our sub-conscious mind. These positive hypnotic words acts as deterrent to negative aspects of our mind and enhance our positive attitude.

Doubts and Faith

Our Conscious mind is like a watchman. It's job is to prevent wrong things entering our sub-conscious mind. If you have doubts and skeptism, about anything, conscious mind will not allow it inside. If you use faith as a tool, our conscious mind goes into sleep and allows the sub-conscious mind to receive it. Same thing goes for Prayers, Meditation etc.

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