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Are you Looking for a Professional Tarot Consultant in Singapore ?

Consult Madam Shivaani Singapore 's well known Tarot Consultant for your Love Matters, Career/Business prospects, Health Issues, Marriage and Relationship and others.

Find out the possible TIMING of Events, Past, Present and Future

Are you in Distress?

For many, the most distressing times are those when we are Confused about how we feel or unsure of what decisions or Choices we should make and such times it can really help to Receive some spiritual advice and be guided how you should take decision. Our life path is depending upon our decisions when we are in cross roads, in doubts and when we are having clouded thoughts .

When you have clarity of mind you feel more relaxed, and decisions and choices can be made more easily. Consulting the cards may help you to get in touch with your intuition, your best guide when it comes to making those difficult choices and decisions.

Tarot Reading is becoming more popular in Singapore . Especially Youngsters are looking for Professional Tarot Consultant to get guidance on many matters such as their Education, Love Life, Career, Relationship issues
SHIVAANI is the well known and gifted Tarot Consultant in Singapore and had attended many events such as Annual Dinner and Private Parties by invitation. She is a Tarot Reader for the past 10 years and have helped many through her insights, Experience and knowledge. To help the inquirer she uses varieties of cards to bring out the best possible guidance. She is in the spiritual path for more than 15 years and in a position to help with the solutions to qua rent's problems. She has regular and repeat clients. She is appreciated by all her clients because of her truthful and sincere approach and her tapping the answer from Universe with the help of Divine energies

TAROT is the golden ""Key"", which opens the main entrance door of the house of mystic knowledge. It enables the enquirer to decipher the divine intentions in a very unique manner.

There are 78 Cards in total - each of which can appear in upright or upside-down positions; thus, there can be 78 * 2 = 156 possible interpretations for each card. Now, just imagine the possible variations in every shuffle:

(1). At the minimum, there 156 * 156 * 156 = 37, 96, 416 variations.

(2). At the maximum, there could be 12 Cards' spread. So, there could be = (156) raised to the power 12 = 156 * 156 * 156 * 156 * 156 * 156 * 156 * 156 * 156 * 156 * 156 * 156 = 207, 728, 070, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 types of possible variations. The staggering astronomical 207 Trillion figure is unfathomable beyond doubt!


Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards are an ancient method to predict the future, receive guidance and understand the truth within each situation and relationship. Some times, Surprisingly Tarot will guide you to attend to more important issues in your Life apart from the question you asked.

When you have clarity of mind you feel more relaxed, and decisions and choices can be made more easily. Consulting the Tarot cards may help you to get in touch with your intuition, your best guide when it comes to making those difficult choices and decision



  • Problem in your Love Life?

  • Are you facing Divorce?
  • Suitability of your Partner
  • Is the marriage on the rocks?
  • Get answers about your Relationship
  • Prediction of your Romantic Future
  • If you wish

Usually following questions are asked about Love Life

  • Have I already met my Soul Mate?
  • Is my Soul Mate my Husband/Wife or my Ex BF/GF?
  • Will my present friendship last?
  • Will I meet my Partner SOON?
  • May I know the feelings of my Boy Friend/Girl Friend?
  • Does the Universe has another man/Girl in Store for me?
  • Will he/She be the one I marry?
  • Will the man/Woman I secretly Love ever develop feelings for me?
  • If I leave my husband/Wife will I ever be re-married again?
  • Is he ever going to call me back again?
  • If I move to overseas what will happen to my relationship?
  • Should I Marry my Lover or leave him for good?


  • Do you Wish to know whether the change of career is good for you?
  • What would be outcome if you choose to stay in the same career?
  • When you are likely to get a job?
  • Is the Job offered to me is favourable to me?
  • Find out the answers. Mdm SHIVAANI Tarot Consultant in Singapore can help you.


Consult Professional Tarot Reader before starting a new business venture.
Get the clarity about Partnership Matters. Find out the possibility of getting right investors.
Make sure the Suitability of the business to your temperament.
Find the root cause of your Business problems.
CARDS: Oracle - Tarot - Goddess - Divine Forces - Love - Healing - Karma


You may not always get the opportunity to physically sit down with someone who is
Skilled in the art of reading the cards.

  Madam SHIVAANI Most Experienced Spiritual Consultant with many satisfied repeated clients

  Consult Now for all matters regarding
  • Your Health and Healing
  • Travel
  • Job/Career/Business
  • Migration
  • Love Life /Soul Mate
  • Finance
  • Family issues
  • Disputes
  • Education
  • Spouse
  • Karma and Future
  • Past, Present
  • .....etc

Tarot Reading
Can help you
through your
emotions and
thoughts, by
offering a
reflection of
your past,
present and
possible future
and showing you
a fresh
perspective on
your life


Unbelievable. It is so Accurate
Sachin, IT Professional

Thanks for your Right guidance
Miss Tan, House Wife

Everything you said has come true
Mr Lau, Businessman

You are far more accurate and on dot than most other Tarot readers I consulted abroad
Miss Larisa, Graphic Designer

My Love Life has improved as predicted by you. Thanks
Mr Vinod, Engineer

When I met you I was not sure how to solve my business problems. But as you predicted I got an investor unexpectedly and now my business on the right track.
Michel Goh, Businessman

I chose the job which you predicted may not give positive result. It so happened and I already started looking for new job
Miss Lim, Accountant

You told me that I will reunite with my Ex-BF. I never thought it was possible. But it happened really
Ms Linda, HR

It is Amazing. Yes I got Job Promotion as you predicted. Thanks
Mr. John, Marketing Manager

As you said I got a good buyer to buy my Property at reasonable price within 30 days
Ms Shamini, Teacher

I met a new relationship within the Time period predicted by you. That solved my depression due to break off with my Ex.
Ms Sim

Thank you very much the Taliman. It really work. Amazing happy result attained by me
Mary Ong

I was skeptikal about the remedy before purchase it. But within such a short period, it improved my love life It is wonderful. I am glad that I met you
Juliana Hamza

(By Prior appointment only)

45 Minutes to 1 Hr S$95
75 Minutes S$120
90 Minutes S$135

Two Hours : S$175

Enquire at Tel 92388021

Contact:         Tel 92388021 / 91521253 ( MAGGIE)
Address:         #01-10 ALBERT COURT VILLAGE HOTEL,
180 Albert Street    (Near Sim Lim Square)
Email:             brainway@singnet.com.sg
Website:         www.singaporeastrologer.com
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