Guaranteed Spiritual Cure for Migraine
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Do you really want to reduce or eradicate headaches and migraines

If the answer is "Yes" read the rest of this page

Pioneering Headache & Migraine Treatment

This website is dedicated to helping you overcome migraines And headaches, which so many (More than 10% of Singaporeans) Suffer from unnecessarily.


A migraine is a type of headache that is characterized by sharp, long-lasting Pain on one side of your head. Typically, a migraine will be felt directly Behind your eye. In addition, a serious migraine headache may cause Dizziness, nausea, or even vomiting. Some people have regular migraine Attacks that can be extremely debilitating in their everyday lives. There is one kind of migraine, called classical migraine, which causes the Individual to see a visual aura prior to the onset of the migraine. One of the most common symptoms of neurological disorders is the Migraine headache. These migraine instigators include strokes, Brain tumors and seizures

People treat migraines using various methods including prescribed medications. Dietary restrictions are also helpful at times to prevent migraine attacks. Many individuals with cyclical migraine problems, however, seek alternative care to help manage their pain. One of the most common alternative medicines for migraines is acupuncture, which is said to often help reduced or eliminate active discomfort. Other non-conventional means of dealing with a migraine are home remedies, aroma therapy, and herbal treatments. There are great many products that help eliminate migraines, but they often affect each person differently. Sometimes it is worthwhile to test different methods until you find one that works for you.


There is no Fee for Consultation. You need not come in person. Contact me through Telephone.

My Telephone
HP 92388021
HP 91521253
Fast, Easy,

100% Astral.
No Pills.
No Drugs.
No Exercise
No Meditation

But the best alternative remedy is Astral. It is practical, easy and proven.

A common question is:

Pain killers kill the pain but why do I get these headaches? What lies behind them? What is the cause? why do I get the migraine repeatedly? Is there any permanent remedy?

The Need for Beating Headaches & Migraines

"All of the prescription drug treatments I was reading about seemed absurd - taking powerful drugs designed for some other disease that has a "secondary" effect on treating migraines. All the time I just needed to revamp my nervous system, and naturally." - MH (USA)

Our Treatment

Reverse the condition:

   Very often this is a once-only program which requires minimum maintenance
•   Clients report improvements in the vast majority of cases in as little as a few days

Here are the main benefits of this program:

   Quick relief from migraines and headaches
   Gives a long term solution to headaches and migraines by treating the cause, with the purpose of preventing them from reoccurring
   Increases a general sense of well-being

Personal support from Rajan Sharma:

   Full support and backup from me - I have over 7 years experience of Astral treating headaches and migraines

You will have a program tailored to your symptoms available from me

Who am I?

I am Rajan Sharma PhD. I successfully helped many people for the past 7 years. I can help you to get rid of your migraine. I guarantee you the result. If I don't produce result your money will be refunded in full


Consultation is absolutely FREE

You don't have to come in person

I need your Date of Birth/Time of Birth and Place of Birth and few particulars over phone

Let me analyze and find out the root cause of your headache and migraine. If there is possibility of my helping you, I will accept the assignment.

The Fee will be determined based on the various planetary factors involved. You may accept or reject the proposal.

You have nothing to Loose but Everything to Gain.


Depending upon the astral cause. It will vary from person to person. Any way don't bother about it now. You can decide later. Absolutely there is no commitment on your part during consultation stage

Has to be paid upfront after your acceptance of the proposal and astral remedy will be handed over to you at the same time


I want to make sure you get absolutely the best results with Beating Headaches & Migraines so am going to make my services 100% risk-free.


I know what results my clients get and want to back this up with my personal guarantee:

If you feel that the purchased remedy does not deliver everything you want and expect, within 30 days simply return the remedy and tell me that you want the full refund.

I'll refund you immediately. That's more than a guarantee. It's a personal promise.

Best of health,

Rajan Sharma

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Dr. Rajan Sharma Tel 91521253 / 92388021
Email: brainway@singnet.com.sg
#01-10 Albert Court Hotel, 180 Albert Street, (Selegie-Rochor Canal Junction) Singapore
Prior Appointment is a must. Require your Date of Birth/Time of Birth/Place of Birth
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