Remedial Astrology

The purpose of astrology is to seek assistance to solve the problems in life and to live a meaningful, peaceful and happy life. Although we cannot solve all the problems, as the life is depending upon various factors, such as parenthood, DNA, Country, friends, Media etc, at least we can solve as many as possible with the help of Remedies

Wherever there is Planetary strength, we are generally and easily propelled into success. Our planetary weaknesses attract problems. Vedic Astrology offers a sophisticated system of recommendations for working with our strengths and weaknesses. It describes remedial measures for problems based on compensating for weaknesses and drawing attention to our strengths to help us fulfill our desires

Every one has natural strengths and weakness which can be ascertained from the Horoscope. The word "prediction" is in-appropriate. Actually the astrologers are only analyzing the expected energy pattern indicated in the horoscope. It may or may not come true. Why...? Because the astrology is based on the planetary energies carried by a child at the time of Birth. Afterwards many things happen in our life. FREE WILL plays a vital role in changing the pattern of energy to change the course of life. (It is known as AGAMIYA KARMA) But the influence of the planetary energy is very strong to influence the course of life and decision making. We can safely say 70% of life is based on the energies at the birth time and about 30% is based on the FREE WILL, ATTITUDE, and CIRCUMSTANCES etc.


Comprehensive Remedies

Do not wait till you have problems appear in life, to get the remedies. I strongly differ with the idea. One should seek comprehensive remedies for whole life so that the inherent weakness should be minimized or eradicated from the life. The best time to seek remedy is just after birth. The reason is once you strengthen your life, the influence of negative energies, through FREE WILL and circumstances will be avoided. The good percentage of negative weakness shown in the horoscope can be dealt with.

Many of clients seek consultation for particular problem in life. For example, if you have a job related problem, my suggesting remedy just for that alone will not solve the problem permanently. Because the job related problem could be due to the weakness of the planet in-charge of your profession, or it could be due to the weakness of planet of income or it could be the weakness of planet in-charge of your chosen profession. It could be an attack (Avastha) on the house of Profession and so on. Totally it could be the weakness shown in your communicative abilities or it could be some other problem.


Life Long solution

That is why I always try to strengthen the person on the whole and for Life Long and treating him as a whole person and not as a dissected person. This approach of mine has successfully helped thousands of my clients


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