Medical Astrology


A Healthy body has a healthy mind. This maxim has a universal appeal and application to it because once health is lost everything is lost. A sick mind or body can not achieve any success in any field what so ever.

Amongst all other problems, the problem of health is the one, which affects a person both physically and mentally. Physical and mental disability or disturbance temporarily or in a chronic way touches each and every aspect of life to the disadvantage of the native

Medical Astrology is a relatively un chartered and extremely specialized field by which a trained person, a doctor can look at the birth chart of a person when he or she is born and able to pin point the potential weakness or diseases or a potential weak organ of the body and forewarn the parents of the child. It is a science and a healing art, which uses the information, derived from one's astrology chart at birth (the natal chart) to ascertain that individual's state of disease and wellness. The natal chart accurately describes one's personality and one's potential internal conflicts, which can lead to imbalances.

Medical Astrology is the science that analyzes how these imbalances can manifest in our physical body. When the natal chart is studied in light of present or future planetary movements (transits), Medical Astrology also provides insight into the timing of events and may give us clues as to when problems may begin, or fade off.

Very few people know that Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, and the one that medical doctors take an oath from, said that no one should call himself a doctor unless he/she was also an a astrologer; for no diagnosis could be made without the help of astrological information on the patient.

In Astrology Human Body has been divided in to 12 parts and they have been correlated with 12 houses

Similarly different planets have significant role in the health of the native. We can help diagnose the disease, affected body part, When disease will attack the body & its we will also specify its duration.

Medical Astrology can provide vital, life saving information. Through its applications one can solve medial problems before its onset. For a correct diagnosis of the medial problem through Astrology 3 things are required.

  • Date, Month and Year of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • Place of Birth

For a correct analyses of the problem the correctness of all the above three parameters is required.

We will help you to prevent and cure the disease with the help of various remedial measures .


  1. Know what are the Major ailments you are likely to have in your Life.
  2. Take remedial Measures now to prevent the major problems from affecting your life.
  3. Cause of Existing medical problems can be pin pointed and can reduce the impact of them
  4. Some times medical faculty are not able to diagnose the exact problem. Whereas the Medical Astrology can help you.
  5. Medical Astrology can help you to prevent, cure (At spiritual Level) the medical condition.


How does the Remedy Helps

Medical conidtions first starts at Spiritual Plane as an energy, then enters the Mental Plan according to the needs(Depending upon thoughts and emotions), then enters into Emotional Plane and then only to the Physicl Plan(Physical Body). Proper remedy will help you to stop the negative energy at Spiritual level and cleanse the Mental/Emotional/Physical planes. Remember once the negative energy leave spiritual plane it is more denser and difficult to tackle and it takes more time solve the medical condition. That is why Medical Astrology can help you to find out what are the weakness you have at spiritual level and prevent it.


Help you get from Medical Astrology for medical conditions:
  • Back Pain
  • Migraine
  • Stroke Prevention and recovery
  • Nervousness
  • Phobias
  • Heart Problems
  • Cancer
  • Bloood Circulation
  • Unknown Diseases
  • Skin Problems
  • Avoiding Surgery
  • Improving Immunity
  • General Weakness
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain and Many more
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